Home Improvement Time

I’ve been AWOL again, just haven’t felt terribly inspired the last week or so. I am back on some prescriptions after a lapse in getting refills and some, including an allergy medicine, make me really fuzzy-headed and sleepy until my body re-acclimates to them.

What better time to make decisions about home improvements, right? Aha!

We’re hunting for a good roofing contractor to replace our hail-damaged roof and gutters (yay for homeowners insurance). While we’re at it, we’re also trying to get a home equity loan to pay the insurance deductible, do some debt-consolidation and replace our home’s drafty old wood casement windows. Our $1000 deductible made our homeowner’s insurance premiums more affordable, but owie OUCH when you do have a claim and have to pony up a grand before the work can be done. I’m glad it’s not something like a tree falling into the roof or something else so immediate!

I’m not a numbers person at all. I am an artist/writer/photographer type, a Gardenwife type, people…A fluttery, easily-distracted, undiagnosed ADD girl who is bad at math. So, filling out the various loan application questionnaires and answering the myriad of questions the loan people have had on the phone has been stressful to my bean.

To think I got A’s in algebra, accounting and taxation when in college. I even tutored students in them! Perhaps my brain worked better then, less distracted and full of book learning still fresh off the pages. Whatever spell I was under back in the late 80’s, baby, it’s broken now!

Howie is working days this week, and really can’t talk to the people while at work. I’ve been doing what I can, but he’s got to talk to them when it comes time to run figures. I think we’ll both be glad when this is all settled!

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  1. I bet him being on days has really messed with your sleep schedule! How often do they make him switch like this?

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