Holy pretzel, Batman!

By now, you have probably heard about the bless’d pretzel up for bid at eBay. At the time the story aired on my local affiliate station, only $10 had been bid. At the time of this entry, it’s up to $141.50 $202.50! I couldn’t resist writing to the seller:

Don’t forget Matthew 5:13-14, now. We’re the salt of the earth and the light of the earth. Pretzels are salty, and they’re “light” in calories. I’m not bidding on a pretzel, sorry. I’m curious what your reserve is, though. Hope you reach it! 😉

I’m still trying to see what John 3:14-21 has to do with pretzels, though. Maybe the Son of Man be lifted up corresponds with how one must lift a pretzel up to one’s mouth in order to consume it? I’m grasping at straws here, but the seller isn’t very explicit as to just why that passage has anything to do with tasty baked treats.

What’s more fun than the weird auctions is seeing what the various bidders have purchased in the past. Check out the feedback on bidders next time you’re looking. Just click the link next to “history” in the auction’s heading. When the list of bidders appears, you can click the feedback score of each bidder to see what else they’ve bid on. In the case of this pretzel auction, someone named bowlhatter keeps showing up with the top bid. The person just registered at eBay today, and I suspect s/he doesn’t really intend to pay if the top bidder. Prove my cynical mind wrong, Bowlhatter!

Sometimes the feedback is more fun than the auction, especially when there are typos. A case in point, found today: wash everything.

2 thoughts on “Holy pretzel, Batman!

  1. Current Bid: US $10,100.01
    You have GOT to be kidding! I sent the link to my Pastor. I’m sure he will get a laugh LOL

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