Highs and Lowe’s

After some deliberation, we decided our money’s better spent re-doing our kitchen than getting a privacy fence installed in our large back yard.

We’re used to having to brave the elements to walk the dogs several times a day, but we’re always challenged and frustrated by our cramped little kitchen and embarassed by how awful it looks. It’s the one room of the house we’ve never done anything to, simply because it was overwhelming.

Rather than chronicle all the minute details in my blog as well as posting at my main online haunt, Dave’s Garden, I think I’ll just keep all our home-improvements related entries in my journal over there. It just makes sense to keep it all in one spot, especially since non-subscribers can view all journal entries (including full-size photos instead of just thumbnails).

So, here’s where kitchen renovation updates will be posted. From now on, I’ll just mention there are new entries and link there from my blog.

3 thoughts on “Highs and Lowe’s

  1. What fun, (seriously)….we did a kitchen reno in spring of this year and I absolutley love my new kitchen, I’m sure you will too. Now, what I’m really interested in is the “COLORS” ma’dear.

  2. We’ll start (and finish!) in October. The roofing job will take place the first or second week of the October, along with the gutters. Each job will take only 1 day.

    Our appraisal’s this Thursday on the house and we should be able to close on the HE loan within a couple weeks, maybe even next week.

    For the kitchen, we’re probably going with a soft sage green for the walls and white for the trim. The cabinets will stand out nicely against that.

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