Hide and Go Seek

I just recently figured out that I could view results by subdomains for search hits bringing people to my site. I nosed around and found the search terms that have brought folks to this neck of the woods. Some of it is pretty amusing, and some kinda disturbing! For your indifferent scanning pleasure, I’ve included them here. Just as in real life, my comments are parenthetical.

April 2003:

  • coffee table fish tank

    March 2003:

  • basement waterproofing everdry
  • gardenwife blog
  • nude wife (certainly not moi!)
  • photographs of white kitchen cabinets
  • refurbished dell dimension 4550
  • wallpaper border with grapes

    February 2003:

  • digital dock o’ sullivan l desk
  • desktop garden pictures
  • everdry waterproofing
  • gozing survey problems
  • selling for everdry
  • tan babes

    January 2003:

  • envision en-910e driver (and refresh rates)
  • puns about eyes

    December 2002:

  • senile virus
  • jacqueline saburido (and every variation on the spelling you can imagine)
  • joe boxer ads
  • shock or wring or disjointness or kill or simplistic (Indicative of moi?)
  • supersedes or shots or fixed or infern or wreck

    November 2002:

  • jacqueline saburido
  • everdry
  • lady liberty fireworks
  • me breastfeeding photos my brother (Again, not moi!)
  • monkey lamp
  • anchor or unfold or odd or conversations or electrocutes (kinda weird)
  • black mold pictures
  • ceiling fan blade cleaner vacuum
  • interperative dance
  • jacqueline saburido accident photos (et. al.)
  • obliging or partnered or myriad or purse or dismal (what a combination)
  • olympus c-2100uz sale
  • reheating the turducken (yummmmm)
  • riddle at what time do people go to the dentist
  • swinburne or destined or monopolize or microprograms or stanchi (say WHAT?)
  • thumbnails at the dentist

    October 2002:

  • wife (that’s pretty general)
  • coffee maker plastic taste
  • comments for jane austin’s emma (hee, hee, and all they got was my dog Emma)
  • complications of tonsilectomy
  • easy halloween costume ideals (Note it’s not IDEAS they wanted, just ideals)
  • freezing fresh pasta
  • gevalia thermal (carafe or pot)
  • listen to survivor thailand theme song
  • pigeon roost farm
  • sister-in-law naked pics (All in the family, I guess. Once again, not moi!)
  • survivor thialand pictures
  • turducken song

    September 2002:

  • it ain’t all about me
  • 9/11 goldfish pictures world trade <---- Goldfish pictures??
  • 9/11 people jumping photo horrific
  • breast augmentation
  • hairy toes pictures (Oh, Joanie….)
  • images people leaping off the world trade center pictures
  • jumping hand in hand
  • kathy glasses bra (ooookay…)
  • pictures people leaping death 9/11
  • tonsilectomy complications

    August 2002:

  • apex ad-1100w
  • blog.gardenwife.com (why didn’t they just type it into the address bar?)
  • images of brooke burns from tv show dog eat dog (Who? Musta been dogs that got it)
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