He’s still got it.

He still makes me smile, makes me roar with laughter.

He still cooks a mean stir-fry.

He still hurts a lot from his 1994 accident, but he still keeps on going.

He still goes out every week, week after week, to a place where he’s known as a competent and appreciated employee.

He still appreciates our blessings and still strives to be a man of God.

He still loves chick flicks and watches them with me.

He still puts the TP on the spindle the way I like, even though he prefers it be over the roll.

He still is committed to losing the weight and being healthy, even after setbacks (and he’s lost almost 40 pounds).

He still is a stranger to no one, making me wonder if a stranger he’s greeted is actually a long-lost friend of his.

He still sings “O, Suzanna” “Oh, My Darling Clementine” in the shower. (Can’t believe I messed THAT up!)

He still breaks into huge grins and his eyes still sparkle with mirth.

He still loves jalape?o peppers and hot sauce (just maybe not as often).

He still is so good to me.

He still makes my heart go aflutter, even after 12 years together.

He still my Howie.

And I still love him, more now than I did way back when.

bw howie.jpg

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8 thoughts on “He’s still got it.

  1. Way to go Howie!!I am amazed at your loss!Keep it up!Or should I say keep it off!!

  2. This is so sweet! To hear that you two are still so much in love that you have stayed happy thru all your years together.
    Way to go Howie!! Keep up the GOOD work!
    You CAN do it!!

  3. Dance, Dance, doing the celebrating dance for awesome Howie, you’re both so totally “COOL”. Stay Happy………..always.

  4. My my my! What an ode! Mighty fine! Mighty fine!
    Good pic! Good thoughts! Good writin’!

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