He’s no Scrooge

On the GOOD NEWS front, Howie surprised me by saying he wanted to use his overtime from the past two hellish weeks at work for a laptop…

Ooooooh, and it’s for meeeee! I ordered it just before midnight Wednesday night and it is shipping today (Friday). It’s a refurbished Dell Inspiron 600M Notebook Computer, bought directly from Dell’s online outlet store. Unless they’re having incredible specials on new stock, we always buy refurbished at Dell.

It has integrated wi-fi, so I can just keep my PCMCIA CompactFlash adapter in the computer all the time. With it, I am one step closer to doing on-site photography for people and offering live previews of photos. 🙂

I’m still not positive I can bring myself to sell my Dimension 4550 desktop, though Howie says there’s no reason to keep it. He agrees the monitor is something I should keep if the laptop’s screen is not sufficient for my photo editing, but says I won’t need the rest.

Something within me just twists and cringes at the thought of getting rid of my desktop. It’s still a great machine at P4 2gHz with good video and sound cards. Even so, it’s only worth maybe $300 (sans monitor – I’m keeping that, remember) since new systems sell for so much less now. He says that it will be worth nothing if we wait too long to sell it.

Still, to me it’s not about the money, but having a safety net. I want to be certain the laptop will let me do the desktop publishing and photo editing I do on my desktop. Does that make sense?

At any rate, when Caribou Coffee finally gets wi-fi, I may never be at home anymore. 😉

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