Here I am doing leftovers

Here I am doing leftovers again. These are the Sunday Stumpers, which I found at Joan’s blog, aka — are you ready for this title — {Hairy Toes and the Lemonade Rhino}. Gotta find out about that name! 😀

1) What’s the most selfish thing you’ve ever wished for and gotten? And, was it worth it?
Wow…I think that would have to be someone I dated for a while back in high school. I was totally the pursuer, and we finally did date a brief while. But as soon as I had the quarry in my talons, it didn’t interest my any more. It was not worth it, no. But it was good preparation to realize priorities in life!

2) Is it acceptable to seek a new companion/relationship/significant other while you’re still in a relationship – regardless of the state of the current relationship?
Ooooh, wow. If married, definitely no. I don’t see any grey areas on that one. But if dating….Hmmmmm. I think it’s rotten to sneak around behind anyone’s back. I wouldn’t want someone to do that to me, after all. If a person’s seeking other companionship, he or she needs to just be up front, get out of their current relationship, and pursue whatever it is they’re looking for. It’s not fair to their SO otherwise in my opinion.

3) Behavior – dictated by nature or nurture?
Both. I have friends who are identical twins, and they’ve seen enough nature-related traits to go with the obviously nurtured ones. But there is much that’s shaped by nurture, too. The studies of twins separated at birth and raised in totally different environments always have fascinated me because they show both sides of it. My friends were raised together, so they only see glimpses of what these others have been blown away to find years later.

4) What’s one of the more embarrassing moments in your dating history?
Whoooo. Being on a field trip in 7th grade with my class and having the boy I kind of liked run into the educational film we were watching at the museum exhibit and yell “SPERM!” at the top of his lungs. I could have crawled under my seat. I don’t know him. I don’t know him. I don’t know him….LOL.

5) Red hot dogs – communist threat or patriotic symbol?
You ain’t seen nuttin’ ’til you’ve seen the ORANGE ones at this one refreshment stand we stopped at in a Tennessee state park. I mean, I know the Volunteers’ color is orange, but c’mon! What is it, that southern clay??

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