Help save Pushing Daisies from cancelation!

Pushing Daisies mail campaign - 4.25x6" postcard

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This is the design I made for a postcard to send to ABC, part of a grassroots campaign to keep the show on the air.

See this thread at ABC’s forum for the show. And be sure to check out the Watch with Kristen blog about it on E! Online.

Feel free to use the largest image as your graphic for printing your own postcard from Amazing Mail or at home as the graphic on your own postcard to ABC! It is cropped to fit on a 4.25×6″ postcard perfectly.

People are flooding ABC with Daisies love November 3-12. They’re sending everything from pies*, daisies, daisy seeds, postcards and letters. The goal is to send something for EACH day of that week, 5 mailings total.

I’m sending mine out October 31-November 11 since I’m in the Midwest.

Here’s where to send them:

ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

* think Hostess Fruit Pie for ease of shipping, unless you want to order a pie from a local Burbank-area bakery!

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