Hello darkness, my old friend

Nightfall comes early, especially now that the clocks have been set back an hour for Daylight Savings Time. For several weeks, as days progressively got shorter, I started feeling down. with the time change, though, it really hit me. I love summer with its long days, the sunsets lazy and long in coming. Then November comes with its 6 o’clock sunsets. Wham! And they just keep coming earlier through the end of the year. Suddenly I find myself wanting to just eat and sleep.

Eating and sleeping are great activities, but not when your body cries out to do nothing except those two things. Part of it is SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Part of it is probably my body still fighting off this lung infection. My doctor has me on a different antibiotic now, plus using an inhaler in the morning and at night. Another factor is chronic pain I’m having in my hip, knee and lower back; X-rays didn’t show any abnormalities or arthritis, so next week I see an orthopedic specialist to see if we can get an idea of what’s causing the problem. Between my body run down from infection and just plain hurting, exercise has not been in my agenda for over a month, and I miss it.

Okay, okay, I don’t miss the exercise. I DO miss how good it made me feel when I was exercising regularly, though!

That said…

I am not just going to curl up and wither away this winter. I’ve done that in the past, and spent many miserable months holed up and feeling antisocial, tired and blue. I am normally an outgoing person, but in those dark times people had to pry me from the house. It’s time to be more proactive.

For one, we’re going to swap our office and bedroom (yes, again). Our front bedroom is brighter, getting more sunlight in the afternoon and evening. It’s also the larger of our bedrooms, and we really could use the space better as an office.

My doctor also agreed that temporarily raising my dosage of Lexapro would benefit me, perhaps making it unnecessary for us to buy a SAD light therapy lamp. Better living through chemistry. Heh.

My weight loss is still progressing, with a 2 pound loss this week. I’m now at 204, very close to reaching ONEderland. Considering I’ve felt like eating everything in sight, I’m proud of myself for sticking to my plan for the most part and continuing to shed the pounds.

The photographer and crew for People will be here on Monday the 14th for a photo shoot. We’re to let their wardrobe stylist know our sizes and preferences, and she’ll buy clothes for the session. We’d love it if a few of those clothes got to stay with us, but it sounds like they return unaltered clothing to the stores afterward. They’ll have a hair and makeup stylist here, too. what a trip this is!

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