Heini’s Old West Cheese Saloon…Err,

Heini’s Old West Cheese Saloon…
Err, Bathroom

Chari’s bashful bladder reminded me of something. Nestled in the heart of Ohio’s tourist-trodden Amish country, Heini’s Cheese Chalet is a beacon of all things cheese and good. What does a cheese empire have to do with water closets, you ask? Heini’s is not only home to some of the finest cheese you’ll find around these parts, but also to what has to be the strangest bathroom I’ve ever seen in a public place. In any place, really.

Walking in the door, you’re first struck by the tile work. It’s not the tile which sets this bathroom apart, for the majority of it is just your basic glossy white. It’s the grout. It’s not that it’s dirty (though it might be…Hard to tell). It’s painted blue. Bright blue. The stall doors are painted this identical shade of blue. But it’s not the door color which sets this bathroom apart, no.

It’s the doors. They’re double swinging doors, like you’d see in an Old West saloon, only they’re solid with scrolled Pennsylvania Dutch sort of edges on them. There’s a good one inch gap between the doors, too. Oh, and these free-swinging doors have no latches. So, when in the midst of toilet acrobatics (you know what I’m talking about, ladies), your worry isn’t that that someone will see you through the crack, but that someone won’t. You brace yourself for a body barreling right through those swinging doors to give you a concussion. Dribbling is the very least of your worries at Heini’s.

To their credit, though, the tile-covered stalls do go from floor to ceiling, cutting down on the wafting factor. All except for that door gap, that is.

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