He who hesitates

I took a series of shots this afternoon, following a couple of eastern tiger swallowtail butterflies as they fed from the purple coneflower (echinacea purpurea) blooms in our garden today.

This frame shows just how quickly they can flit away when the mood strikes them and other nectar-laden flowers flaunt and beckon.

Howie shrugged his shoulders when I showed it to him (his way of saying it’s a pretty boring shot and not worth five megabytes of hard drive space). I couldn’t bear to just delete it without trying something fun with it, so here it is.

I know the text is jagged. This was a quick editing job using Irfanview and it’s not the best for text overlays! I might re-do it later.

3 thoughts on “He who hesitates

  1. Well, I think it earns its hard drive space. But only because of the caption giving it a purpose.

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