He Got His TV, I Got Mine

My Christmas present is right in front of me as I type. Howie got me a new monitor for the desktop today, my early Christmas gift. My old 17″ Sony Multiscan 200sx has been a real workhorse since we got it in 1996, but it’s days are numbered. The display is so dim and flickering, I could no longer edit photos and know they were true-to-color. I’d bring up my photos on other peoples’ computers and think, woah – who took this??.

HH Gregg has a sale on Envison 19″ monitors this week, $199 with a $50 mail-in rebate, so we picked up the Envision EN-910e. One selling point, other than the price, was the product’s warranty. It’s 3 year parts and labor. The salesguy at the store didn’t even try to change my mind when I said right off that we didn’t want to buy the store’s extended warranty. It’s like he said, for something only costing $150 to begin with, with that long of a full warranty, it would be crazy to purchase something extra. By the time three years is up, 19″ CRT monitors will probably sell for $50 brand new, you know? Food for thought.

My initial reaction to this monitor is very positive. The text is crisp and the colors bright. And it’s huge. Huuuuuge. It’s quite a jump going from the 15.9″ viewable on the old one to the 18″ viewable on this. I still have the new one set at 1024×768, but it can go as far up as 1600×1200 with a 75mHz refresh rate.

Well, I won’t bore you with the specs; go to Envision’s site to read them if you are interested. I’m happy. 🙂

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