Having read Big White Guy’s

Having read Big White Guy’s “Squidgy Pickle Incident”, I was doubly amused when I found something aberrant in my pickle jar. There I was, minding my own business, getting read to top off a lovely cheese and Miracle Whip sandiwich with a few bread and butter chips.I unscrewed the lid on a new jar. With my fork hovering over the contents, I saw it. A smiley face. In a pickle slice.

It was just too weird. There they were: two little round eyes, a perfectly-centered nose, and….AND…A crescent shaped mouth. I laughed aloud (something actually not that unusual for me). There was a split second where I just knew I should take a picture of that pickle. But no, I didn’t. I ate the evidence with my sandwich. And it was good. Of course, I called my husband at work and said, “I found your pickle”, thinking he’d done it as a prank. He is a prankster, after all. But he had no idea what I was talking about.

Angie's HandiworkThen, I turned to my friend Pangie and asked her if she’d messed with the pickles last time she was over at our house. After all, she is known to mess with my desktop wallpaper. She replied that, though it did sound like something she would do, no. I even called my mother and asked her if she and dad had pulled a joke on us. No. Was it at the factory, then, that someone gave a pickle slice its happy countenance?

Weirdness continued, weeks later. I opened another jar of pickles – this jar being dill pickles – and saw another face. This one, unlike the first, appeared surprised. It had eyes, a nose, and a round mouth. Triumphantly, I marched into the office to show my husband. “Those are holes from the seeds,” he declared. And then he proceeded to snatch that puppy from my hand and eat it. Again, no evidence! But I swear it was a face.

I can see it now: “Woman sees face of Jesus in Dill Pickle Slice” Yeah, THEN they’ll all believe me.

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