Have I mentioned how much I love Applebees?

Howie and I are going to see the film Sideways tonight. That’s the name of the movie, not our intended orientation for watching it.

Afterward, we’ll have dinner at Applebee’s. They have the nicest selection of weight watcher’s entrees. My favorite so far is the grilled tilapia with mango salsa, sooo flavorful and just the right balance between sweetness, tanginess and spice. I really want to find a recipe for that salsa…Even bought a mango at the grocery last night. After seeing some of the new offerings listed at their site just now, I might have to try something different. I’ve only had 780 of my 1600 calories for the day, so I can pretty much have anything on that menu and be good to go. After dinner, I bet I can persuade my sweety to get coffee and a scone over at Caribou. Date night!

Tomorrow we’re having a bunch of friends over for a Superbowl get-together. I am not a sports watcher, definitely not a fanatic. But I like this group of people a lot and am looking forward to the camaraderie. It’s our planned weekly treat day, but we’re planning ahead how many calories to keep our treat to (600 over normal calories), and that involves roughly estimating what all we’ll enjoy as extras. I’m making shredded chicken sandwiches and Howie’s making his insanely spicy chicken wings. We’ll also have Tostito’s and salsa, and I plan to also serve some boiled red potatoes with parsley and garlic. Starch city! Low-carbers beware!

5 thoughts on “Have I mentioned how much I love Applebees?

  1. Sounds like you should have had a great day. The word Camraderie shows as a link that took me to this great message……..
    /camaraderie is not a valid URL at gardenwife.com

  2. Whoops! I fixed that camraderie link. Not sure how I did that in the first place – I’d looked up the word, saw it was misspelled, and thought I just pasted over the original. I must have done the hyperlink shortcut!

    Sidways was really good…But the language was atrocious. First word: F***. It was all over the movie like white on rice. And there was some very graphic sex. Wait until it’s on network TV and watch it then unless your inner censor won’t be offended. I hate it when they take what could be a really great movie and have to add all the crap – the same story could have been told without the R rating.

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