Hattie cat

Our little Hattie Cat is such a sweet kitty. Right now, she’s sitting on the arm of the recliner, purring away.

We got her as a wee kitten in the winter of 1999 or 2000, adopting her the same weekend our beloved Siamese cat Promise died. At the vet’s office where she was fostered, the staff had nicknamed her Bocelli, after opera singer Andrea Bocelli; thank goodness that tiny kitten didn’t bring that lungpower into adulthood!

When we brought her home we learned she had an oral fixation. The vet said she was probably weaned too soon, the lone kitten inadvertently left behind when a stray mama kitty and her litter were taken away from an apartment complex.

She’d thrived at the vet’s and was very attached to people. Literally. At any chance, Hattie would knead and suckle on an arm, hand or any other exposed skin. And it was LOUD! One night Howie woke me up, saying, “get her off your arm. She’s making so much noise, it’s driving me crazy!” I’d been sound asleep and didn’t notice the steady skweee-skweee-skweee. She got him back, though, attaching herself to his nipple another night.

Thank goodness she outgrew that, too! Now, if she wants attention and scritches, she’ll come up beside me, stare in my eyes, and poise one front paw up before her, kneading the air. She will also give a couple of quick licks to the arm, as if to say, “it could be worse…remember what I used to do.”

If ignored when she comes into the bathroom while the toilet is occupied, she’ll stand on her hind legs, balancing against the sitter’s knee with her left paw, and reach her right paw up in entreaty. All our four-footed pets dearly love Toilet Time, but Hattie is so endearing with it all. LOL

– Taken at 10:50 PM on September 28, 2008 – cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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