Happy campers

We’re getting ready to leave for a camping trip on Thursday morning. It’s time for the annual Kentucky Round-Up with our friends at Dave’s Garden. We missed the last couple of years, so we’re especially excited to be heading down there this year.

My mom just called me to say the power cord on her notebook isn’t working. It is a hand-me-down from me, a Dell 600M I gave her when I got my Toshiba about a month ago. The cord was beginning to break up near the connector to the laptop, and it finally gave out despite the electrical tape I’d swaddled it in. I don’t think any thickness of tape would have prevented it from breaking — it’s just bad timing with us all heading out on Thursday!

So, I’ve been calling local businesses in hopes of finding a used Dell PA-12 or compatible power cord. They sure don’t want to pay $60-$90 for a new universal power cord. I have calls in to a few places and I really hope one pans out. Soon.

In other news, I’ve had an ear infection going on for a good month now. The doctor put me on Acetasol HC (basically vinegar and hydrocortisone) drops first, but they only took the itching away. To be fair, I admit I did become lax with the dosage on days that I worked, so they probably didn’t get to do their job. I got a refill and was more careful, but it still didn’t nip that pain in the bud.

I called and left a message saying they no longer itched, but they still hurt inside. The message must have gotten mixed up, because the next prescription phoned in was for betamethasone valerate cream — a corticosteroid, yet another general treatment for itching and swelling.

Three days later, my ears still not itching, but they hurt down inside. Singing or talking makes things vibrate down in them and hurt (found this out Saturday night when I was laughing, talking and singing along with the radio at a scrapbooking get-together!).

I called the doctor’s answering service late Saturday night and the doctor on call listened to what I told him and said it sounds like it’s become a middle ear infection, that drops might not get down to it. I appear to be getting a cold, too, so that complicates things with the old eustachian tubes. He called in a prescription for a different drop. I’m taking Sudafed and Mucinex in hopes of keeping things as clear as possible. The ears still hurt, so I’m bound for the doctor’s office again this afternoon.

Our beloved family doctor is not an in-network provider on our insurance, so every time I walk in the door, it’s at least a $79 office call. We just got the EOB back from my last visit and see that the $63-some balance after my co-pay is going toward my $1000 deductible. Shoot, I don’t think I pay that much in all expenses each year! I miss our old HMO, even if the premiums were more.

It’s just frustrating. But, I am definitely going to the doctor’s because I don’t want this weekend ruined by ear pain. I hope she can help get my ears back on track

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  1. I’m sorry you get these horrible ear infections. I hate that for you. I hope you get something to take it all away 🙂

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