Happy belated Easter!

I was busy this weekend from Friday on and hardly sat down to get online. Happy belated Easter, everyone!

The plant sale and visit on Friday was wonderful, especially the visiting. Gardeners are some of the most generous people! I only bought six cellpacks of perennial seedlings, but came home with many plants, thanks to my friends from Dave’s Garden.

Meeting Candy and Dave for the first time was great fun; they’re great folks! Candy and I talked so much we missed a turn and got lost once, but no biggie. 😉

I felt so bad not bringing any plants; it’s been so cold any yucky up until last week, I hadn’t been out working in the yard yet this year. We had a nice weekend, and then it got cold and rainy again today. I’m going to dig up some of my prized triple daylilies and send them out to everyone.

Thursday we’re supposed to have a break in the weather…Warm temps in the 60’s and sunny skies. Howie is taking two vacation days so we’ll have a four day weekend to work out in the yard and begin waging the battle with the weeds which threaten to overcome us.

I hope to write more soon, as well as post new photos in my gallery, but right now I have dishes and laundry to attend to. I changed the gallery entrance, by the way. Let me know if you have problems viewing it, please.

3 thoughts on “Happy belated Easter!

  1. I’m so glad that you had a nice time at the sale. It is very wet right now here in Kentucky, so I am guessing that you guys might be experiencing the same. YUCK! It’s supposed to warm up for us around the weekend too. I hope you have nice weather 🙂

    By the way, the gallery is working great for me!

  2. I finally got to spend the weekend out in the yard as well. It was gorgeous out and now we’re back to cold and wet.

  3. It was actually snowing a little bit ago…That wet, nasty, clumping snow mixed with rain. Ick. But it’s supposed to be nice by the end of the week for us, in the 70’s. Can’t wait for that!

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