Happy Anniversary to Us!

Today’s our wedding anniversary, 13 glorious years with the H-Man. It’s flown by, really. He’s my best friend and goober, plus I think he’s one handsome fella.

We’ve had a nice long weekend together since he took a couple of vacation days.

Friday we put the extra day to good use, enjoying not just the one, but two arthritis classes at the YMCA. Later, we got haircuts, shopped a bit at Value City then went out to dinner at Yoder’s, a great little Mennonite restaurant in town with delicious home-style cooking. We popped back by Caribou for coffee after that. Our friend Jeff was out and about when he saw the “famous Redskins van” parked in front of the coffee shop, so he stopped in to say hi. No, we don’t have a van plastered with Redskins stickers…It’s just a big conversion van with a maroon color sheme. We had a nice time hanging out together. We’ve (loosely) decided that I am Phoebe, Howie is Chandler, and Jeff is Joey.

We saw someone else at the shop, someone who we’d come to associate with another person since they appeared to be an item. The last couple nights we’ve seen him, he’s been alone, so we think he and his signifigant other split up. That plus we’ve not seen said S.O. at the coffee shop in ages. After we got outside and walked toward our vehicles, Howie pretended like he was the guy and said, “You want to split up? All right…But I get Caribou!”

Saturday, my folks had us over for a nice low-calorie anniversary dinner (thanks, mom!). I was feeling really achey and hit the sack early Saturday night, around 11:15pm, and slept through until 8:00am. Oh, what a feeling. Howie and I decided to go to church Sunday morning, so I was extra glad to have gotten to bed early and get a good night’s sleep.

Sunday morning, as it does every Sunday morning, the scent of Cinnabar wafted up through the vents. Nancy, my mother-in-law, lives with us in an apartment we made for her in our basement and garage, and Sunday’s her main Cinnabar day. 🙂

Sunday after church we went to a local Chinese buffet. Yes, still on diets we are! We ate like skinny people, walking out sated but not stuffed. Howie had mostly veggies and just a little chicken. I had steamed salmon, a few steamed shrimp, and a bunch of crab legs as my main entree. It felt great to enjoy a buffet and not associate it with pigging out. We can do this. 🙂

Sunday evening we headed into Columbus and Cup O’ Joe coffee. They have free wi-fi, so we kicked back and did a little surfing while we sipped Highlander Grogg coffee. Still had some calories left and were starving, so we stopped by Flying-J truckstop on the way home and got grilled lemon-pepper chicken (sans the buttery garlic sauce, thank you very much) and salad. Tasty!

Today…Our colds settled in. 😛 Good thing we enjoyed meals out and such this weekend, because we didn’t feel like doing anything today! We were all psyched to go to the YMCA and swim, but both felt cruddy and stayed home. We’re just going to get pizza for our anniversary and save our going out for dinner until next weekend. Howie’s taking a nap right now and I’m watching Ellen. She always makes me smile. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Us!

  1. Happy anniversary! I?m glad that you guys went back to church. I know that Howie had said that you wanted to. What did you think? Was it some place new?

    I hope the colds aren’t too bad and you get back to swimming soon 🙂

  2. Aww,.. congratulations on the wedding anniversary. !3 years,.. wow, you don’t see that very much in this day and age do you? Sounds like you guys had a nice weekend and it was so nice of your mom to make a low-cal meal for you! Here’s wishing you and Howie many more happy years together~

  3. Happy anniversary!!!! Sorry to hear you are both under the weather. Glad to hear you had a great weekend and are planning something special for this weekend.

  4. I knew you and Howie were a couple youngsters from your pictures but it looks like you are going to grow old together. Happy anniversary! May you love to a ripe old age and enjoy it together.

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