Hallmark Hall of Tears

We watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie, Fallen Angel Sunday night. As usual, the commercials were as good as the movie, and I found myself tearing up as I watched them. I’m usually a blubbering idiot by the end of a Hallmark HOF movie, so primed is my tear-pump.

It’s not that the end of the movies are usually any great surprise; Howie and I predicted this one’s plot elements before they occured. They’re predictable, sure, but still good.

One of the commercials, not a Hallmark one, cracked me up! It’s for Lazarus-Macy’s, it depicts several beleaguered men hunkered down in malls and stores; all are holding shopping bags. One absentmindedly swings a bright red purse between his legs. Another is sprawled out on a display bed, kicking his feet in boredom.

Then it fades to the tagline, just presented in text:

Golfers bring caddies…
Shoppers bring husbands.

I love it!

2 thoughts on “Hallmark Hall of Tears

  1. I used to watch the movies on Lifetime all the time! I haven’t watched any on the Hallmark Channel yet. I bet they’ll have a good one on for Christmas though 😉

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