H-Man neurological update

Howie’s appointment didn’t bring any big surprise: He definitely needs surgery to relieve the stenosis in L4-L5.

It was weird looking at the myleogram CT-scan, because you could see where the spinal canal was wide and the nerves all fanned out like they’re supposed to be, and also where everything gets narrow and bunches them all together.

The doctor was really great about our getting a second opinions from Johns Hopkins – he encouraged us to get other opinions and said we’re not going to hurt anyones’ feelings by doing so. His secretary called JH while we were there and found out who would get the reports, and she’s taking care of that part. Now, we wait and see whether this doctor feels Howie would be better served at JH.

One thing we did learn was that the nausea and such Howie’s been feeling since the myelogram are reason enough for him to be off work several more days; the doctor wrote Howie off work through Monday, and he’s to stay pretty sedentary while the dye works its way out of his body. Boo-hoo, has to stay home from work. It’ll be nice having him around!

I think I’m going to bed soon. No problem sleeping tonight, especially after such sketchy sleep last night while half-listening to Fox News’ coverage of the hurricane and wondering how our friends were down south were faring.

Our friends in Thibodaux, LA are fine. It’s a mess down there and they have no power, but they’re safe. Their plant nursery had quite a bit of damage in the form of a McDonald’s billboard falling smack on a bunch of their stock. They didn’t have insurance for anything except the inventory within the structure there, so they may be out for quite a bit. But they’re okay! 😀

3 thoughts on “H-Man neurological update

  1. Good to here about your friends. My brother is missing about 1/2 his shingles but the roof is still there. He’s in South Baton Rouge. I have friends from Picyune MS however that I haven’t heard from yet. My sis-in -law says she saw them filling up their car on TV but their cell phone is non-functional and the email I have for her is full. He doesn’t use e-mail. I’m sure they are ok – It’s just tough waiting out the mess.

    Hope Howie’s as comfortable as possible. Tough to loose all that weight and then get smacked again. Another reason to pray for Christ to be sent back SOON!!!!

  2. Glad to hear your friends are okay. I have been hearing a few stories from the front lines of the hurricane through working (making hotel reservations) I had one poor lady call yesterday and her, her family and the dog were told by the hotel they were in that they would have to leave because the hotel was booked up. I found her a hotel and we got into a discussion about the hurricane. She told me that she didn’t think anything was left of her home because she lived between Lake Ponchitraine and the Mississippi River. She Said she was just glad her family was okay. I just said “yes, you can always replace material things”

    I felt bad for her because I just saw on the Today show that the levee at Lake Ponchitraine had broken… so she was right that being between that lake and the river.. her house is probably not even there now 🙁

  3. Skip, I hope you hear about your friends soon – that’s got to be terrible not knowing. As with September 11th coverage, I know already I’ve got to limit my news watching or it’ll drag me down into the pit. I don’t need to know every detail and see all the footage in order to pray and to help people out down there.

    Heather, it must be so hard to hear stories like that. You’re in a unique position to be able to bring some comfort to these folks’ lives, though, that’s for certain.

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