Guarding your mailbox

Don’t tell anyone, but I laugh at the titles of some of the porn spams I get in my mailbox. They’re so over-the-top, so silly most of the time. Things like “girls breast-fighting”. Like I told a friend of mine, old ladies could really have an advantage in that; those sagging boobs would swing like a sock of pennies, better than brass knuckles!

Funny as some of them are, I’m really grossed out by others. I’ve gotten to the point where I just make note of the funnier subject lines and delete all the messages unopened. It’s not enough these creepy people send out such spams, but they embed really nasty images in them. That, I think, is really playing dirty (if you’ll pardon the pun).

I mean, imagine your child checking her e-mail on the family computer. Especially on the web-based services such as Hotmail, people tend to just click “next” and view e-mails. So here’s your little girl reading a note from a friend. She hits “next” and BOOM, there’s some picture of people not just naked, but participating in any number of sexual acts.

Images like that are burned into a person’s memory, especially a boy’s memory. I sure wouldn’t want my kid’s introduction to sex being something like that. I’m a strong believer that the best web filter is a responsible adult, be it a parent, teacher…whoever. But even the best-intentioned person, unless hovering over a child’s shoulder and watching everything on the screen, can let stuff slip by.

It’s just low-down, dirty-dog bad what these sickos are sending out. Often you can’t really filter for them because they don’t always use sexually explicit terms in their subject lines or bodies. They don’t always come from known spammers on published blacklists. Often, the sole content of an e-mail is a graphic. It’s just nasty what they do.

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3 thoughts on “Guarding your mailbox

  1. “I KNOW” —— It’s a nasty bit of business. I cringe at the stuff that I wake up in the morning and find waiting for me. Who’s ear can I chew off, who’s head can I bite off cuz I don’t like it. It’s a total invasion of my eyes; ears and mind. Huffing off with hands on hips.

  2. If I answered the mail and signed-up my member ought to be about 37 ft. long by now. Ignoring doesn’t seem to work. If I can opt out of telemarketers why can’t I lose this crap?

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