Green thumbed, brown eyed girl

I just got back from picking up some newspaper bundles offered by a local Freecycle list member. Why would I want a bunch of newspapers?

I’m planning a lasagna garden or two for our yard; newspapers are as precious as gold when it comes to that. We don’t subscribe to either The Advocate or Dispatch because, frankly, I tend to let them pile up unread. Why pay for piles of unread newspaper when I can get them for free?

Try as I might, I could not find the street the boy told me they lived on. Their phone number was easy to remember, thank goodness, so I called and got more detailed directions. Not long after I hung up, I thought I heard my phone ringing. Weird thing was, when I picked it up and looked at it, I could see there was no call coming in. Yet my ringtone, a little polyphonic version of Van Morrison’sBrown Eyed Girl” played on.

What the heck? I was reminded me of Dawnyal’s possessed phone.

After staring mutely at my phone for another moment, I realized the song really was playing. It wasn’t my imagination. But it wasn’t the phone, either. I’d turned the stereo down low when I pulled over to make my call, and the song was playing on my own darned radio! It was on just loud enough it sounded like my phone. Heh.

If Howie’d been with me, he’d have gotten a good laugh out of that one. He got a good chuckle out of the story when I related it to him, but it would have been much funnier to him had he seen my confused expression as I stared at my phone in the van.

When I finally found the house where the newspapers awaited, three teenage boys waited on the porch. I grabbed a couple bundles (bound, even – yeah, baby!) and they followed suit. It was nice they did that for me, especially considering it would have taken me several trips to load them all. Who says all teens are lazy?

Well, it’s sunny and warm outside; I’d better go over our future garden spots once more with Roundup to make sure there are no stragglers. Next week I’ll turn the soil a bit, reserve some to the side, and start the layering process.

Oh — weight-wise, I gained about 1/2 a pound. I’m counting it as a 1 pound gain. Howie and I had a lot of sodium in that order of fajitas, plus they were probably more calorie-laden than we’d counted. That’s the trouble when eating at a mom & pop restaurant where you’re just guessing about calories. We also didn’t drink much water this week. Ah well, it’ll come off eventually. We’re skipping our usual weekly treat night and just staying on plan through next week’s weigh-in.

3 thoughts on “Green thumbed, brown eyed girl

  1. This looks interesting although I am glad you don’t have a “sheeps pen to provide large quantities of organic matter” like those farmers did!

  2. I’m glad I don’t have sheep, too…Though it would surely cut down on our need to mow. I do have a few contacts for horse manure, though…I posted on Freecycle I was looking for well-rotted horse manure! 😀 Gardeners love poop. LOL

  3. The lasagna garden sounds cool. Your phone incident reminds of a commercial they show here (not sure if it’s in your area) but it’s for a DSL and the guy has the ringer on his phone set to it, the wife turns off the radio playing the same song and he runs in the house and logs on so he can see the video of it.

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