Green Thumb Sunday

I discovered the Green Thumb Sunday meme today and thought it sounded fun – plus something even this Gardenwife with her sporadic posting habits should be able to keep up with. I’m out on the patio, close to being carried away by mosquitoes. Before they do so, I’d better post and scurry inside for the night.

Here’s my contribution for the week; click the thumbnail for the full-size image.

This is a closely-cropped shot of one of our window boxes. I took it tonight when I saw how gorgeous the sky was; I knew the blues and pinks would just POP against that sunset, and they did! There are blue salvia, white dusty miller, and vivid pink seed geraniums in the container. It’s a contrasting mix of color that really grabs the eye.

Nerd note: I used the camera’s landscape mode (for a broad depth of field so both flowers and sky were in focus). Also, I used the camera’s slow/rear curtain flash setting, meaning the shutter opened first and the flash fired at the end of the exposure. That allowed a bit more of the ambient light in for the exposure. The ISO was set on 200. It was hand-held.

Green Thumb Sunday

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8 thoughts on “Green Thumb Sunday

  1. I think this is my second favorite of your pictures so far. First is still the dogs facing opposite directions.

  2. Amazingly beautiful photo. I have to just point and shoot mine, so I only get semi-lucky every now and then, lol. Love the colorful window box bringing your delightful garden inside for you.

    I’m spending my 4th of July making up for several weeks of missed Green Thumb Sunday visits and am glad to have found you!

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