Great Gardeners

One of my friend Dave’s creations has earned the recognition of’s Best of the Web Directory. Congratulations, you guys! The Garden Watchdog was already mentioned in Organic Gardening a few months back, and this is just one more example of its growing popularity (no pun intended…and much deserved, I might add). Best yet, it’s a great resource because it’s a community effort by gardeners. That reminds me of the DG motto: For gardeners, by gardeners.

On another note, I saw this smart gardener’s site linked to from Dave’s Garden and had to share. The gal’s come up with a self-watering pot for seed starting, using the humble 2-liter pop bottle. I suppose you could do the same thing with any similarly-shaped plastic bottle, but 2-liter is a good size. I am impressed! If you wanted to keep plants in such a container, you could always drop it into a basket to hide the plastic. Guess this gives me an excuse to buy more pop…and hoard bottles. Bwaaahahahahahah!

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