Greasy isn’t getting my cellphone number

My first thought when I saw this sender’s username was, ewwwwww.


And then I thought, even if I wanted a car, I don’t know I’d want this guy to have my cellphone number.

The lesson here? Consider the e-mail address and/or name you associate with it when you want to sell something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business or just a personal sale — names can be a big turnoff to your audience.

On a funnier note along the same line, let me illustrate this point once more. Our late friend Ed went to school to become a licensed massage therapist. When he switched ISP’s, he wanted to incorporate his new vocation into his new username there. After the fact, friends pointed out to him that his username, edtherapist, also spelled out Ed the Rapist. Poor Ed!

Live and learn!

One thought on “Greasy isn’t getting my cellphone number

  1. Ah yes, reminds me of all those clever men who include “69” in their screen names and emails. As if that’s really incentive for us to communicate.

    Oh, and poor Ed!

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