Granted a reprieve by the poop

My microdrive finally* arrived yesterday. I was about ready to e-mail the business when Howie produced the Priority Mail package he’d secluded in order to tease me (he’d just told me it hadn’t come yet). I live with a real poop, in case you can’t tell.

Yesterday was frustrating. Here I had the card, but was pounded by a bad headache most of the day and didn’t even feel like using it. Blah! I was in bed by 10pm, believe it or not. Today I’d resigned to be a day of cleaning, but Howie called me on his way to work and said I really should go out and enjoy the nice weather. Gee, I get a reprieve!

The microdrive is great! Boy, you can sure hold a lot of photos on a gigabyte. Even if I take the pictures in the uncompressed RAW (actually Minolta MRW format) or TIF (tagged image format) mode, I can fit approximately 142 color images on it.

I am NOT taking them in that format, however, because the files are huge and take forever to open. I’m not a fan of the DiMAGE Viewer program which came with the camera, so I’ll have to get a plug-in for Photoshop or GIMP in order to view MRW files.

I might use MRW for commercial or portrait shots, for it does offer straight-from-the-camera data and make correcting key things like white balance and color mode easy and accurate. For my everyday stuff, though, I am just going to stick to the 2560×1920 image size and extra-fine JPG files (the best without going to uncompressed files types). I can get 162 images on the card with those settings, and the files will not be so huge.

Well, even with daylight savings time in effect finally, daylight’s a wastin’. I’m off to shoot some pictures…To shoot with wild abandon on my spankin’ big card!

* I ordered this drive in the wee hours Monday morning (really wee hours, like 3:00am) and the merchant didn’t even mail my order until Friday. To me, that’s a really long turn-around time. I suspect he fulfills his eBay orders before his direct ones; eBay buyers can leave public feedback.

2 thoughts on “Granted a reprieve by the poop

  1. If there is a next time, will you bid on his ebay auctions so that it will be faster?

    I don’t understand his philosophy concerning mailings. You have to make a trip to the post office anyway, so why not take everything that needs to be mailed? That would drive me crazy to have half mailed and half not! When someone pays me via PayPal, their stuff goes out that day or the next day!

  2. That’a girl….there’ll always be housework but to find the right time, place, light etc. etc. to take your pics. can be fleeting. So get out and click, click, click. btw can’t wait to see your pictures.

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