Got Pollen?

Got pollen?I took this back at the beginning of September at my mom’s. This little fella was going from flower to flower, just revelling in the pollen. As you can see, he was covered from head to tail. I used to be afraid of all bees, wasps and hornets. Now, though, now I’m pretty much only really afraid of yellowjackets; those things get right in one’s face and cause me to run away, screaming like an idiot. Don’t tell me to sit still and they won’t bother me. Don’t tell me that running only makes it worse. I consider myself fortunate to be able to enjoy little honey bees and bumble bees at this point in my life, because at some point it occurred to me that they’re far more interested in the flowers than they are in me. The yellowjackets, however, are another story!

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