Googly eyes gardener

As both a gardener and a fan of Christopher Walken, this Saturday Night Live skit makes me laugh. Though it was pretty obvious during the whole episode that he was reading from teleprompters, it’s still pretty funny.

“Ferns don’t have pricklers like cactuses, but what if they all ganged up on you, tried to choke you, in your sleep…”


The whole idea is so ridiculous…Plants attacking us? Why would anyone think that?

Then again, I don’t grow any indoor ferns, so maybe I shouldn’t laugh. It could happen.

2 thoughts on “Googly eyes gardener

  1. Ferns don’t scare me but those spider plants are another story…Arachnophobia !

  2. Christopher Walken can make anything funny…or scary. Sometimes even within the same sentence.

    And what is it with him reading the teleprompters? Can’t he memorize his lines like everyone else? Maybe one rehearsal isn’t enough.

    By the way, if any plants are going to attack, it’ll be Creeping Charlie. hahahahahahaha

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