Googling Myself

Now, I realize that must sound weird to those who have never heard of Google, the one of the coolest search engines around. In Internet jargon, Googling is the practice of going to Google and searching for peoples’ names, your own included. Okay, so it’s the ultimate in narcissism, but sometimes it’s fun to see who might be linking to you or writing about you.

Anyway, I wasn’t searching just Google, but several search engines simultaneously; Dogpile is the search engine I used, and it’s one of the sites which searches multiple search engines at one time. I know it searches at least Google, AskJeeves (which I generally avoid), and Inktomi (company-paid search results), among others.

Anyway, I searched for the word Gardenwife and was amused to find a page containing hits from another search — one for GE Spectra stoves. Bear with me. It’s one of those “six degrees of separation” kind of things, just kind of odd. Because my Gardenwife’s journal at Dave’s Garden has an entry about the GE Spectra stove we bought, my journal page came up as a hit on this Crawldad site’s search results. It’s easier to show you than to keep on describing it, so here’s the link my Dogpile search dug up.

Man, I really am easily amused.

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