Google comment spam?

Comment and trackback spam sucks. I have the MT Blacklist plug-in installed and I also force moderation on comments older than 7 days or containing two or more URL’s. Those two things cut way back on the amount of comment spam I get (that which I even see and you never see, that is). The moderation of flagged comments can be a pain sometimes, though; for some reason, it is flagging some for moderation rather than blocking them like I want. Anyway, here’s a good one for those of you plagued by comment spam.

Just now, I was reviewing a list of new comments set aside for moderation. They were all on older entries and they all came from the same IP address: The weirdest thing, though, was they were all advertising Google. That’s a first for me.

i come from best search engine

The IP address is for and the spammer’s e-mail addy is google(at) — how strange is that? I don’t want to link to either and give a comment spammer, even one apparently for Google, any blog press.

I agree Google’s the best, but c’mon! Hey, now…I just realized something as I was going through the MT Blacklist process. If I choose to report these to the MT Blacklist clearinghouse, it defaults to block the URL fragment — that just won’t do.

Anyone else had these comments? Is this a case of a spammer wanting Google to be blacklisted?

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3 thoughts on “Google comment spam?

  1. Wow that is an odd one. I do agree though that they’re maybe looking to have banned in some way. I Googled the phrase “i come from best search engine” and it looks like this guy has gotten himself sucessfully posted on at least 205 blogs. reports only 95. It would be interesting to follow this.


  2. It looks like someone trying to give Google a black eye or to use the Google name to try to fool people into clicking on them. I would try copting the spam into an email and sending it to Google. They do not take kindly to their site being used like that and they may go after that ip address.

  3. I agree. I think I’ll copy the comment spam text and IP addy and send it to Google’s abuse address. Even if it isn’t an e-mail spam, they’ll know the appropriate place to forward it.

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