God bless Shelby

On February 5, I learned of Shelby, a young teen undergoing chemo for a cancer of the soft tissue, undifferentiated sarcomas. Since then, I’ve been keeping up with her battle via the website her step-father started for her as well as reading her blog. Today, an update at her website confirms bad news: the tumor won’t respond to chemo, so they’ve discontinued treatment.

Children and cancer. *sigh* Those are two words you just hate to see uttered in one sentence. Will you join me in prayer for Shelby and her family?

I don’t begin to understand the why’s of certain things that happen to us frail human beings; I only know that sickness and disease just are in this fallen world, and ultimately it is God who makes the decisions. We came out of a background of name-it-and-claim-it, where you didn’t dare “confess the negative” and so forth. So much pressure was put on people to have faith, and though it wasn’t always voiced, blame was put on people if they didn’t have enough faith.

So, healing is one issue I really struggle with as a believer. I believe that God does heal, though, and that it’s His desire that all would be healed. The question comes in how. Sometimes He does the truly miraculous, flat out healing something which doesn’t naturally just disappear. Sometimes He heals through the skilled hands of doctors and through the medicines people have developed. Sometimes, though, we are destined to experience ultimate healing through death. That’s the hard one to deal with…And how DO you pray, knowing all this?

One sweet note was left by one of Shelby’s site visitors:

thought this might make you laugh a little. My son Tyler (21/2 years old) prays for you all the time. well today he sneezed and I said “god Bless you Tyler” and he said “NO, God bless Shelby, Mom”. Always thinking of you……….

From of the mouths of babes, eh? What more can we say?

God, bless Shelby. Please.

2 thoughts on “God bless Shelby

  1. Aww,.. what a sweet comment by that little boy.

    There is such pain in the world that sometimes it makes me wonder. Of course, sometimes we cannot understand God’s plan.

  2. (((You you and shelby)))
    I don’t begin to claim to know the why’s of this. Sometimes you have to look to all the things that you know Gos is and just hang on to those for dear life, because they are the only answers we will have this side of heaven.
    Unfortunately, we are not called for our opinion and we aren’t asked whether are not we agree. It makes for way shorter committee meetings in heaven.

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