Go, Shelly-Ann, go!

Shelly Ann Fraser with the Jamaican flag flying behind her

Howie and I have been watching the 2008 Summer Olympics about every night since Friday. Tonight it was with pure pleasure that we watched Shelly-Ann Fraser burn up the women’s 100M race, winning by a whole body’s length.

What made it so utterly enjoyable was the unbridled excitement and joy in her face when she realized she had it!

We laughed as we saw her leaping and dancing on the track, alternately embracing or waving the Jamaican flag, photographers trying to keep up with her as they snapped shots. It was just that fun.

Yes!! Joy!

At one point, she lay down flat on her back, kicking her feet in the air with glee. It just tickled us to see her so excited.

This wasn’t the cocky grandstanding seen so often in pro football after a touchdown. This was pure, childlike jubilation, totally refreshing. It just made my day!

Way to go, Shelly-Ann! Don’t ever lose that…Keep having fun and loving what you do!

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