Gizmo flushes

We had a cat named Higgins who was a real character. He liked to grasp peoples’ heads with his paws and bathe their hair; he didn’t do this all the time, so we figure it must have had something to do with the toiletries people used. Well, this cat likes not toiletries, but toilets.

Can you imagine what his owners pay each month for water? I wonder if Gizmo gives swirlies to the other cats in the house. I’m glad Higgins never figured this out. The worst we deal with now is Snoopy’s penchant for squirreling away random small objects. Hattie is a good kitty, but Snoopy is still young enough she’s full of piss and vinegar.

4 thoughts on “Gizmo flushes

  1. My neighbor’s cat uses the toilet! She’s even said to me, “I was using the toilet and Goldberg (her cat) wanted to fight me over it!”

    Funny stuff!

  2. Oh, what a riot! I can see it now…And if Goldberg (a Jewish cat!) has claws, I think he’d win.

  3. And I thought Patra was something else to come running from any part of the house just to SEE it flush. Thank goodness she’s not learned THAT trick yet!!

  4. Our cat Snoopy comes running into the bathroom when either Howie or I go to the bathroom. With her, it’s just the happy place aspect. When she was a kitten and brand new to our home, we had to go away for a long weekend so we closed her in the bathroom, safe from our two dogs and the other cat. My mother-in-law spent time with her in the bathroom, sitting on the commode and holding Snoopy in her lap. So, the bathroom’s her happy place. Hattie Cat likes it, too, but Snoopy usually dashes in before Hattie gets a chance, then Hattie is standoffish.

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