Giving thanks for laughter

I had a home grown “cure for the blues” moment a couple of days ago. I was talking to Howie* as I stooped to put my jeans.

I wasn’t particularly observant when it came to where my feet went, and ended up with both feet in one leg of my pants. When I went to move — you guessed it — I tottered and down I went! I still didn’t have my voice back, so the whole while I tottered (only seconds, though it felt like slow-motion) I squeaked “Oh, no…Oh, no! Oooooh!”

Alarmed, Howie inquired, “are you okay, hon?!”. What a good husband, what a sweet man.

I just lay there on my side and started laughing (assuming that’s what you call the sound that came out). “Well, that’s a first”, he said as he shook his head and laughed at with me, “That tops them all.”

* Yes, this is the same awesome Howie who’s lost a total of 79 pounds now!


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