Give that man a Tetris shot

Angie and I have been hanging around in the air-conditioning this afternoon, geeking out online. A little while ago, I thought heard the distinctive sound of the Tetris song outside. I couldn’t see any kids playing with a Gameboy, and a Gameboy wouldn’t be that loud, anyway. What in the world?

I cranked open the window to hear better. Sure enough, it was the Tetris song. And it was coming from an ice cream truck. I can’t say I’ve ever heard that song played by an ice cream vendor, but then again, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an ice cream truck quite like this one.

Angie and I craned our necks and plastered our bright and shining faces against the window glass to see this van go by. The general consensus? Ewwwwwwww! It was an old, brown van – one of those long ones, like a Ford Econoline, I think. What wasn’t painted brown was brown with rust. On its sides were a couple of big, faded poster/stickers with pictures of ice cream treats. Painted on the back of the van was the admonishment, “Please watch our children” or something like that.

It really wasn’t a reputable-looking purveyor of cool treats; it just looked kinda scary. Not someone I’d want watching my children, had I any.

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