Am I the only one who finds the latest ads from Ballpark Franks a little disturbing? Okay, really disturbing? I think not.

Of the three they’re airing, the only one that really creeps me out is the “girthy” one. It’s so unappetizing looking at this guy crooning “girrrrrthy” with a look of ecstasy on his face. It reminds me of Drew’s “O-face” in Office Space.

If that were it, it would be bad enough. But it gets worse. He takes a big bite out of that girthy weiner and is transported even higher.

And this makes me want to buy this brand why?

My husband and I briefly considered that the ad might be targeting gay males. But looking at this character and his love of monster trucks and ill-fitting clothing, we threw that out the window. Actually, the ad sounds more like the subject lines of porn spam I get in my inbox than it does an ad for food.

All I know is, I’m not alone…Two relatives, one friend, and several folks online such as this fella seem to think the same thing: Yuck!

3 thoughts on “Girthy…Girrrthy

  1. Oh my gosh! I went to your link to their website and watched the “girthy” video. I haven’t seen any of these here in Kentucky yet. Then again, I tune them out.
    When I was pregnant with Ashley, one of my doctors told me that I had a little extra girth and then proceeded to put his hands around it to make his point. I definitely don’t want to be thinking about that while eating a hotdog! That is one bad, bad commercial!

  2. Girthy… that is a really bad comercial! I think it was meant to be humorous but like so many comedy routines it fails completely. With dialog like that Robin Williams MIGHT be able to pull it off… But I doubt it. In a society where obesity is epidemic and short, overweight women, like myself,do most of the shopping for our overwieght families while we struggle against guilt …. Nope…this does not make me want to run out and have a hot dog….but it could work as an add for Slimfast….

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