Ghost in the machine

rugen.jpgOkay, off to bed with me. I have a date with my machine. (Aside: every time I mention “the machine” I can’t help but think of Count Rugen and his beloved machine in The Princess Bride).

I hope the second date goes better than the first. Actually, it wasn’t too bad, and the Nasal Aire II thing was relatively comfortable, especially compared to the big nose mask I wore at the sleep study. Of course, at home I don’t have electrodes plastered all over my head and body, either, nor straps around my body. The straps, I am convinced, were not so much to measure my respiration, but to accentuate every point about my body I detest.

But I digress…

When Brandi the brunette technician explained the machine’s operation to me, she said they’re calibrated to whatever air pressure prescribed by the doctor. Mine, for instance, is set to a pressure of 8 out of a possible level of 20. The latter, she said, is “a lot of air to put in someone’s head”.

“Right!”, I replied, “If it was that high, I might wake up blonde.”

There’s a constant output of air from the little exhaust ports opposite the short tubes that go in my nose. At first, I thought it surely couldn’t be putting that much air in my head if so much was coming out those little holes. One time opening my mouth and throat proved that wrong! It’s weird how the flow of air causes sort of a vacuum, keeping my soft palate shut even if my mouth opens. Coughing produces interesting results.

The constant whoosh of air is ghostly in a way. I surprised myself a couple of times last night by pulling the blanket up in front of my nose – that whoosh is really LOUD when it hits the bedspread!

Okay, enough talk. I’m babbling at this point, a sure sign I need to sleep. We’re going leaf-peeping with my MIL tomorrow, heading up toward beautiful Mt. Vernon, Ohio. We plan to have lunch at Green Leaf Restaurant (great Reubens!). It’ll be nice to get away from home improvements for a day (or at least an afternoon).

One thought on “Ghost in the machine

  1. I love your description of the whoosh of the air through your mouth when you open it. My whoosh is set at 16 so when I whoosh it is VERY LOUD and maybe that is why I keep seeing more light colored hairs on my head? When you try to talk with the air on in your nose it makes for a very funny voice. My DH loves to try to get me to talk to him with my mask on.

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