Get buff in the buff

Dutch exercise enthusiasts may now get buff in the buff. Yes, an AP release broke the story of a gym’s introduction of Naked Sundays, catering to “avid nudists”.

Somehow “avid” and “nudists” used in the same sentence frightens me. I can handle avid birders, avid golfers, maybe even avid euchre players…They’re enthusiastic about their hobbies, and might try to convince you to try them. But they’re wearing clothes. And they don’t want me to shed mine.

Don’t get me wrong. I like naked. Naked can be a great thing. Most of us were conceived in a state of near or total nakedness and, some nine months later, popped out of the oven in the same condition. Not only that, but showering is pretty pointless if you step under the spray while still wearing your clothes. Naked’s good. My husband and I may not dedicate entire days to it like Christina Aguilera and her new husband, but we enjoy wearing The Emporer’s New Clothes just as much as anyone. But we keep it between the two of us.

Anyway, as a person wrote on another blog’s comments, “Eww. There’s not enough bleach in the world to make this a good idea.”

If you do intend to venture into naked workouts at the gym, heed David Letterman’s wise advice, top ten questions you need to ask yourself before exercising naked. And remember all those mirrors installed in most gyms. *Shudder*

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4 thoughts on “Get buff in the buff

  1. I would think the only people who would participate would be the ones who don’t need the gym to begin with because they already look great.

  2. That is funny! Now those workout machines will have more on them than someone else’s sweat… I agree… eww!

    A lot of us will not go to a gym because we look like we need it when fully dressed. This would give me one more reason to avoid it at all costs.

  3. this literally makes me SHUDDER! i am so with you in that I love me some good naked–truly I do. But the thought of the gals flappin in the breeze on the treadmill IS. NOT. GOOD. and we won’t even GO into the hygiene aspect.

  4. Okay, It has been a month! I know you have made friends at your new job, but I need you here too 😉

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