Gearing up for some downtime

Downtime. What a loaded word that can be. If you’re a business owner, downtime isn’t a good thing, though it’s expected. If you’re looking forward to getting away from your responsibilities and enjoying a vacation, downtime’s as desireable as it is illusive.

We’re in the second camp, looking forward to vacation. It’s time for the annual Kentucky Roundup (aka the KYRU) with our friends at Dave’s Garden, and we can’t wait. For the first time ever, we’re making a vacation out of it. We’ll be staying not three days, but eight!I think the last time we took a real vacation anywhere was nearly ten years ago when we visited Howie’s sister in Montgomery, Alabama.

But about Kentucky. Yes. YES! Our plan all along was to tent camp, but since I went ahead and got my surgery over with early, we were concerned with how it would go with me sleeping on an air mattress in the cold and damp night air. Getting up from ground level, one-armed, in the middle of the night just doesn’t sound that easy.

Parentals to the rescue! My mom and dad are loaning us their neat little 2004 Starcraft 2406 pop-up camper, which has all the comforts of home, including two spacious beds, a toilet, water heater, shower, stove, sink and a heater/AC unit. We may not use it to shower, but it’ll sure be nice not having to hike to the bathhouse for every call of nature. Here’s what the floor plan looks like in this model:

Floorplan of the Starcraft 2406 pop-up camper.

Floor plan of the Starcraft 2406 pop-up camper.

By the way, I am able to sleep in bed now; Sunday night was the first time since my surgery that I could remain comfortable enough to sleep the night in bed. Yay, no more overnights of scattered sleep in the recliner! No more hearing Hattie growl and hiss at Snoopy as she pesters Hattie throughout the night hours. In my own bed, next to my slumbering mate, I have only to deal with the friendly, persistent headbutts of Snoopy or the calm, purring lump of Hattie-Cat by my side. Occasionally, they both morph into meatloaves within mere feet of each other on the comforter. There’s a tenuous peace, in the bedroom at least.

Speaking of bedrooms, Howie deep-cleaned our bedroom tonight. Thanks again, Howie! It needed it, anyway, but we want it to be especially nice for his mom. You see, when grandma watches the four-foots, grandma and the trio snuggle up in our bed.  I mean, grandma can’t babysit and just let one little furkid in bed with her, can she? Anyway, her twin-sized bed downstairs in her apartment is too small for a lady plus three dogs. It’s only fair she should sleep in our king-sized bed, surrounded by snoring lumps of dogflesh.

Ah, but back to the whole V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N thing!

We’re ALSO meeting our friend Tami and her family for the first time! Last year it didn’t work out for us to stop on our way back from the KYRU, but this year we’ve made special plans. Because riding in the car is still not the most comfortable activity for me, we decided to break the drive down into two days of 4-hours’ drive each.  Guess who right at that half way point…How perfect.

This way, we can enjoy a leisurely visit. Saturday afternoon will find us hanging out, kickin’ back at a cookout with Tami, Kevin and Ashley. It’s too bad Andrew and Christina are in Missouri (?). I wonder if we’ll get to meet Tami’s folks — along with tasting her dad’s infamous beer cheese, it would be icing on the cake, you know?  Hint, hint. 😉

I think a combined talky blog would be very cool. *Ahem* And, yes, I still need to post mine. I’ve just put off editing it!

Saturday evening, we’ll head to a campground for the night. Sunday morning we’ll head on down to Prizer Point.

We can’t WAIT. I’d better get to bed or I’ll be up until 5am going on about this trip!

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  1. I’m sure you will get some of dad’s beer cheese. Howie will want the recipe so he can make it for his church buddies 🙂 All of dad’s friends love it!

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