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I’m not sure I’ve ever had the RSS feed link for this blog posted, but this entry’s here to let you know there is one. I’ve added it to the sidebar here. I also added a link to Howie’s RSS feed on the sidebar of Shrinking The H-Man.

I don’t know what I’d do without my handy-dandy RSS feed reader, Google Reader. It makes it so much easier to keep up with my favorite blogs. For audio and video podcasts, I use the free open source program Juice.

These feeds are great. Instead of having to visit every website repeatedly, hoping to catch new content, RSS lets me receive notification when there’s new entries. I use the mobile version of Google Reader on my T-Mobile Dash, reading in bed each night. I’ve gone from reading ebooks to blogs and news feeds!

There are many news aggregators available, but I love Google’s other products and their feed reader hasn’t let me down.

If you’re unfamiliar with RSS (“real simple syndication”) or podcasts, here are some excellent resources which explain what they are and how to use them:

What is RSS?
Frequently asked questions about Juice
How podcasting works

The world is your oyster, folks. Happy subscribing!

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