Garden walkabout July 4, 2009

The footage shown at the end of each week’s CBS Sunday Morning always has us transfixed. The pastoral images are just beautiful. I thought I’d make my own pastoral video and share some footage of the plants in our yard. The jazz music in the background is “No Good Layabout” by Kevin MacLeod.

I wish I could better duplicate the videography I see on TV, but my camera’s a little Sony pocket cam, a Sony Cyber-Shot Sony DSC-W150. It’s not a proper videocam, but its image quality is very nice. We’ve recommended it to several friends and they’ve been happy with it and its closest models.

It has its limitations as such, such as no way to zoom while shooting. I must walk around and physically move the camera forward and away from the subjects if I want to “zoom”. I do that, then use my video editing software’s features such as pan and zoom to give the illusion of more sophisticated shooting techniques! For editing, I use Windows Movie Maker 6 from Microsoft. It comes free with Windows and for the price, you can’t beat it. is a great site with all kinds of info about it, plus user forums.

Someday I would love a real videocamera and some higher end amateur video editing software like Pinnacle. Maybe I can pick both up used somewhere.  In the meantime, I’ll do like I’ve always done and learn ways to get the most out of the equipment I do own. I learn more that way, anyway!

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