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As I wrote in part 2, the shed’s foundation area was site framed in and ready, and it was time to get the crushed stone pad in place. There was one hitch: Our yard is not easily accessible. With the exception of a 4′ space we left open, our yard is bordered by large forsythia bushes in the back. We also have a short, but steep hill leading up to our yard from an adjacent school parking lot. All of this combines to make it difficult to get things like mulch and gravel into our yard.

If we had gravel delivered in a dump truck, it would have to be dumped in our driveway and then hauled around back by hand. A slinger truck, however, would be able to shoot the stone right into the bed out back. While delivery by slinger truck costs quite a bit more, we counted it worth it when considering hauling all that gravel ourselves or paying someone else to do it.

When we provided our original measurements of 8x12x4″, we were told 1.5 tons of crushed stone would be sufficient. We priced this at Jones Topsoil in Columbus and were quoted $268 delivered via slinger truck.

Well, we decided to make the pad a foot larger than the shed’s footprint, so 9×13′. We went with the bigger size so there would be a little more leeway on how the shed was placed. Als, it will give added stability since the foundation is bordered by the frame Keith helped Howie build.

As I said in the previous post, the ground slopes from about 4″ deep to 8″ deep, so we couldn’t go by our original measurements. It was going to take more gravel than Jones had recommended.

Rick, a local contractor, suggested we contact Redskin Transport. That advice saved us a bundle! Redskin recommended we get 3 tons of crushed stone for the new measurements. They no longer have a slinger truck, but they sub-contracted the delivery job out to Sunrise Concrete. Our total cost, including tax, came to $236 and that was for not 1.5, but 3 ton of gravel. Their customer service was great, too – Don e-mailed me a few days after the job was done, asking if we were satisfied with the service.

On the subject of these slinger trucks…These things are amazing. I took a short video of the truck in action. We were impressed with the accuracy with which the driver was able to target the site. Check this out!

Here are some stills from the delivery:

The driver did a great job of spreading the stone as he filled the bed, so we had little to do except rake the stone out a little. Howie and I took a 2×4 and dragged it over the bed a couple of times, then he stood and walked on the 2×4 to tamp down the stone, moving the 2×4 down the bed as he did it. Such a cute dance, that. 😉

All of this done, we called the zoning office and told the director we were ready for him to do the setback inspection. We hanged the permit and notarized letter in a Ziploc bag in the morning and came home to find the signed permit in there that evening. Our notarized letter was in there, too — so much for its great urgency for our files! LOL

But it looks like we’re ready to roll.

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