Garden of Weedin’

I’ve been scarce from these parts, owing largely to what I’ve come to call our Sweat-A-Thon. Howie took Thursday and Friday off work, and we spent several hours a day out working in the yard. Sunday we took as our day of rest…And believe me, we needed it!

Here’s a few shots from the Sweat-A-Thon:

We’re really going to have to keep after the weeds this year. Last year, we were so busy in early spring with the basement remodel, we never did get outside stuff done. By the time Nancy moved in, the weather was getting hot and we just kinda pooped out. The weeds proliferated and seeded themselves in gay abandon.

Now, much of our back yard looks like this and this…Only add 4 or 5″ to those plants, though those pictures were just taken Sunday!

That last one shows how bad the garlic mustard has taken over. Oh, my, what a mess! If it were just weeds in there, it wouldn’t be that bad to clear up; I’d just head on out with my handy Spectracide (which, by the way, I bought instead of my old mainstay Round-Up soley for the fact that it has a battery-operated sprayer – hooray for my hands!) and be done with it. But there are good plants in there with all those thugs, so care must be taken with our upcoming weed killing spree.

More soon…From our Garden of Weedin’

4 thoughts on “Garden of Weedin’

  1. I’ve been getting out to weed for several days now and can SO sympathize with you! I need to take pics, too!

  2. Thanks, guys. I am typing and mousing one-handed. My wrist is not going to get better unless I rest it. :S

  3. Hi Kimberley ha ha I found it and think it’s funny your title garden of weedin. suppose you may find a sign saying that in my yard.

    Hope the wrist sprins back soon thanks for the help.Ernie

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