Gallery Tweakage & wBloggar

I’m attempting to configure I’ve configured Gallery on my website, but hitting hit a few snags. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the gallery via CPanel, and that fixed it. It’s installed and I’m moving my photos to it today! Aren’t computers mysterious?

One other thing…Mandi introduced me to a wonderful desktop application last week. It’s wbloggar, a desktop application which lets you compose your blog entries in WYSIWYG and publish them to more than a dozen different blog formats. It works like a charm with MT, Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad and others. It’s free, too. Go get it!

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4 thoughts on “Gallery Tweakage & wBloggar

  1. I got Gallery running – for whatever reason, uninstalling it and reinstalling did the trick. Gosh, it’s great to have CPanel back. It’s improved a lot since the last time I used it, too!

  2. Mandi introduced me to wBloggar too. Isn’t it a dream!!! I love it so much and the way mandi has it set up with my blog site, it could not get any easier. I don’t know who I am more impressed with, the wbloggar or Mandi:-D

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