Fuzzy memories

A post at Dave’s Garden reminded me of this story, so I thought I’d post it before I forgot about it again for another few years. True story, first person, even.

Years back, my friend’s daughter Colleen (then about eight) had a pet hamster. The had one of those hamster balls, and the little critter got the run of the kitchen and living room when in it. One night when I was visiting, Colleen’s hamster rolled her way into the kitchen and toward the table where we were seated. Quick as a wink, my ornery friend snatched up the ball and removed the hamster, replacing it with a baking potato from the bin. He then flung the ball, bowling-ball style, back through the door into the living room.

“Aaaaaaaaaa! Noooooo!” Then, in a moment, “Daaaaaaaaddy!”

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