Frist things frist at the rent-to-own shop

Frist First off, a shout out to my new acquaintances from the farmer’s market! I enjoyed meeting you and enjoyed the produce and homemade goodies I brought home. I’ve got an entry in the works, just have been swamped this weekend.

A second tidbit tonight, completely unrelated, is this shot of a local rent-to-own store’s signage.

Misspellings aside, you don’t want to get me started about these rent-to-own places. They’re deceptive and prey on the poor and uneducated. They’re masters of rip-off’s. Stay away from ’em, or at least read the fine print and think things through instead of jumping on the bandwagon.

People get sucked into the rent-to-own trap for everything anymore: furniture, stereos, area rugs, lamps, computers…It’s just crazy. Here’s a couple thoughts: Buy a used {whatever-you-covet}, or join Freecycle and put out a request for one to get you through. So what if it isn’t brand new, sexy and shiny? It’s a stepping stone to what you want, that’s all…

Now, take that $25/week you were going to hand the rent-to-own place and save it (hey, you wouldn’t have missed it if they had it, right?). With patience and some discipline you can buy your own, even nicer, {whatever-you-covet} in fairly short order. You’ll also pay a lot less for it.

Best yet, you’ll not be put in a position like a friend of mine was back in the mid-1980’s. She was late with her payment and they came to take back her stereo system. Soon after this, she went to make a payment and get it back, only to be told that she’d be starting from scratch. Yes, the $900+ she’d paid them was no longer credited toward her rent-to-own balance. She learned how they operate, but the hard way!

I told you, you didn’t want to get me started. *Grumble, grumble*

2 thoughts on “Frist things frist at the rent-to-own shop

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you! My neighbors rent to own their super-sized TV, stereo system, and entertainment center to put it all in. I know this because the rental company trucks are there constantly. I have seen them come back and forth dropping these things off and then picking them back up. It?s like they missed a payment, got the stuff taken away, got paid, and then had the stuff redelivered. That would embarrass me!

  2. yeah, we bought our computer that way… if you were like on hour late paying, they would be at our door and leaving us messages on our cell phone.

    It took us forever to pay it off and I will never do that again.. it just stinks when you have bad credit, there aren’t that many options available but try to stay away from rent to own if youu can 🙂

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