Friendly is as friendly does

While searching for something online (“schneagle”, as a matter of fact), I came across a page of personal ads. Sometimes it’s fun looking through them to see what creative ways people market themselves. Sometimes, however, it makes my blood boil to see how narrow-minded some jerks are. Take this guy, for instance:

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Good grief. As I read his megalomaniacal self-description, I could almost see his shirt buttons fly as they sprung off from the prideful swelling. This man is a veterinarian. We might presume that he loves dogs. We can’t, however, presume that all guys who love dogs are good people…At least not when you read a list of prerequisites like his. *Ugh*

He’s got one long, lonely road ahead of him if he thinks the only worthwhile companions are those who meet his criteria. The sad thing is, I imagine he put a great deal of thought into this personal ad.

Honestly, I think this vet had better stick with animals for companionship. They might not make petite, desirable trophies for him to escort on his arm to charity galas, true.

But unlike him, they don’t care if you’re athletic or a little thick around the middle, degreed or self-taught, petite or Amazonian, white or black, financially successful or living paycheck-to-paycheck. They’re not judgemental and they love unconditionally.

4 thoughts on “Friendly is as friendly does

  1. Why, yes, I think I just did! Just had to add an adendum to this entry, by the way. The thoughts just keep boiling.

  2. you can say that again!

    I especially like the “salad-eating” part. I’m not even sure what that is supposed to mean…

  3. I know! He wants her to be thin and athletic, living a healthy lifestyle, but not eating salads. Or, maybe she can eat greens, but only if she’s been a good girl. Perhaps he dangles a carrot before his dates — literally.

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