Fresh maters & escapees

Happy news! I picked our first ripe tomato of the season Tuesday afternoon! Man, in just the last week or so, our two tomato plants have really had a growth spurt! I had to tie more stems up today. They’re in a raised bed this year and obviously very happy in the warmer soil this creates. Howie sliced that fresh mater up and made us BLT’s tonight. Yum.

A few of my container plants I put on top of the raised bed have made a break for it, perforating their pots and stretching their roots down into the rich soil. One brugmansia and one castor bean plant in particular are doing great. I can’t move them now, but they’re happy.

2 thoughts on “Fresh maters & escapees

  1. BLT with home grown maters! I am drooling at the thought. Wish I had enough sun to grow them here!

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