Freezing Rain’ll Do That To Ya

My favorite place in Louisiana
I am bummin’, I admit it. I’m really missing my spot on Lisa’s porch right about now. The weather’s been cruddy in Ohio and I’ve been missing the rope hammock and the nice sunny days in the 60’s and 70’s. Whimper. If I were magically teleported there right now, I’d plant my behind in that comfy hammock chair and read. Little anole lizards would again creep out from their hiding places in the ginger plant on the porch and join me in sunning. Oh, and all the sweet birds! The titmice and chickadees, especially, would again come to the feeder hanging right above me, chittering their gossip to all who’d listen. *sigh* And Miss Sally could teach me new things from her five-year-old perspective. Ahhhhhh….I’ve gotta quit this!

But we Ohioans are made of strong stuff (though not nearly so strong as Minnesotans) so we’ll muddle through this somehow. Sometimes I can see why people become snowbirds!

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