Freecycle for Dummies

I’ve been a member of our local Freecycle list for several months now.

For those of you who don’t know, Freecycle is an organization encouraging people to freely recycle items no longer wanted; that way, instead of ending up in landfill, items end up in new homes where they’ll be put to good use.

So far, I’ve gotten some really neat stuff on Freecycle: jeans and other clothing for both Howie and me, a Mr. Coffee 3QT iced-tea maker, a flatbed scanner, a T-Fal deep fryer (need to Freecycle that – we don’t really do fried foods anymore!), finch feeder, old newspapers, lilac bush starts, and various home items. Shoot, a couple weeks ago, I even received three large comet goldfish for our pond!

On the giving end, I’ve been much more likely to face the “what do I do with this stuff?” question now that I can post a quick OFFER on the list and know that someone will come pick the stuff up from my porch. I don’t have to haul boxes of stuff to Goodwill or feel guilty about throwing away things I know others might use. As we’ve shrunk out of our wardrobes, we’ve passed our clothes on to others who will use them. Going through our kitchen cabinets prior to the reno, I found lots of stuff I didn’t really use or need — Freecycled it in a heartbeat.

It’s just a great idea! I have to say that sometimes the posts themselves are as interesting and entertaining as the items being offered or requested. Take this one, for example.

My Mother in Law thought it was a funny gift, I failed to see the humor.

What was this gift? The subject line shed a little light on it: OFFER–Cleaning for dummies book


6 thoughts on “Freecycle for Dummies

  1. This has yet to reach Kentucky, but it sounds neat. I guess most people around here have yard sales when they want to get rid of stuff. If that’s too much trouble, they take it to Goodwill.

  2. Would you be up to the task of moderating one for your area? If so, you can start a list for your neck of the woods! Our list was small, like eight members, when it started and now there are 300+ I think! I’m not the moderator, though.

  3. I love Freecycle. I love the idea of people exchanging their junk (and non-junk) to others.

  4. Tami, look for a freecycle group in your area on Yahoo.

    The one here is crazy. There’s hardly anything offered that people will pick up, unless it’s moving boxes.

  5. The no-shows really burn my biscuits! I hate having something sit out front for a week. I’ve started posting tight time limits like “this has to be picked up by tomorrow night or it’s going to Goodwill”. Then, if Tuesday night comes and the taker doesn’t get it, I offer it to another person who replied. After a while you get to know the names of responsible Freecyclers, and I’ll sometimes just skim through replies and give items to them because I know they’ll be picked up.

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